top ten anoroid mobiles

Top 10 Android Phones

Android phones come in a variety of forms and flavors. Here are the best smartphones running Google’s innovative mobile platform.

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1.HTC ThunderBolt

The well-appointed ThunderBolt is the phone to buy if you want to see what 4G can do.

Last Rated: March 21, 2011
$129.99 – $174.53 Check Prices

2.T-Mobile G2x (with Google)

The T-Mobile G2X is a no-frills powerhouse that excels at gaming, multitasking and video.

Last Rated: April 15, 2011
$79.53 – $79.99 Check Prices

3.Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T)

This dual-core phone is fast and boasts solid data speeds, but the Atrix-powered laptop accessory is a good idea poorly executed.

Last Rated: February 09, 2011

4.Samsung Charge

The LTE speeds dazzle, the AMOLED display shines, and you get a free mobile hotspot at least for a little while. What’s not to like? Well, the battery life disappoints, but that may not be enough to spoil the fun.

Last Rated: April 27, 2011

5.Samsung Epic 4G

The standout of the Galaxy S phones, the Epic 4G offers some enticing features like a physical keyboard, front-facing camera and 4G network support.

Last Rated: August 20, 2010
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6.T-Mobile myTouch 4G

The powerful myTouch 4G delivers when it comes to multimedia and performance, but make sure you live in an HSPA+-supported area before purchasing it.

Last Rated: October 28, 2010
$0.01 – $449.00 Check Prices


The speedy HTC EVO 4G packs in some powerful specs and a variety of multimedia features into a stylish, minimalist design, but not everybody will get to enjoy one of its best features–4G connectivity.

Last Rated: May 20, 2010
$89.53 – $459.99 Check Prices

8.Motorola Droid X

Motorola Droid X shines at multimedia playback, network performance, and features; but the interface can occasionally be sluggish.

Last Rated: June 23, 2010
$0.01 – $0.01 Check Prices

9.Samsung Galaxy S 4G

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a solid, powerful phone, but it doesn’t have the specs to compete with the next generation of smartphones.

Last Rated: March 01, 2011
$0.01 – $459.00 Check Prices

10.HTC Incredible 2

The HTC Droid Incredible 2 is an excellent upgrade from the original Incredible in terms of display, design, and camera, but it lacks 4G support.

Last Rated: April 27, 2011
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top ten nokia mobile

June 12, 2011 at 6:41 pm 1 comment

pyar ka panchanma trailer

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restricting charcters in textarea using jquery

restricting charcters in textarea using jquery then for solution click here

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split single list into multiple vertical columns using jquery

if you have a single list of and wants to split them into multiple columns then click here for solution

September 7, 2010 at 3:45 am 1 comment

Jquery | Some useful and qucik scripts

1. How to get x-axis and y-axis on mouse move
//display the x and y axis values inside the mouseOverMe div
$('#mouseOverMe').html("X Axis : " + e.pageX + " | Y Axis " + e.pageY);

<div id=”mouseOverMe”>Mouse over me</div>

2. Disabling Right click

return false;

May 1, 2010 at 4:55 am 2 comments

Insert a character using jquery at some location using substring


var count=$(‘.content’).length;
var before=$(‘.content’).text().substring(0,125);
var after=$(‘.content’).text().substring(125,count);
var result=before+’…’+after;

April 8, 2010 at 1:18 pm 1 comment

z-index issue with IE7

Hi all, I spent almost a day to figure out how to fix z-index issue with IE7.



<div id=”wrapper”>
<div id=”inner”>

<div id=”menu”></div>

Assume I have a menu with z-index:10 and I want wrapper to sit on top of menu . What I did was I had

Hoping it to work in all browsers, It worked in all except IE7.

reasons : IE7 except us to provide postion:relative, So what I did was added position relative to #inner

Now #inner{z-index:999;position:relative;} Still it didnt worked. IE7 creates its own stack I mean the there is one more div on top of inner div i.e. wrapper

so Wrapper by default adds stack to all its children so even though inner has 999 z-index it wont work.

Solution is to provide z-index to wrapper and position it rather than to inner div


April 1, 2010 at 4:42 am 1 comment

Floating message | Banner for IE6 users using jquery

#message_box {
position: absolute;
top: 0; left: 0;
z-index: 10;
border:1px solid #CCCCCC;

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript”>

//scroll the message box to the top offset of browser’s scrool bar
$(‘#message_box’).animate({top:$(window).scrollTop()+”px” },{queue: false, duration: 350});

$(‘#message_box’).animate({top:$(window).scrollTop()+80+”px” },{queue: false, duration: 350});
//when the close button at right corner of the message box is clicked
//the messagebox gets scrool down with top property and gets hidden with zero opacity

$(‘#message_box’).animate({ top:”+=15px”,opacity:0 }, “slow”);


<div id=”message_box”><img id=”close_message” style=”float:right;cursor:pointer”  src=”12-em-cross.png” />The floating message goes here</div>

content goes here



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GOD wanted to play cricket, so Sachin was born

It was a super sunday and Deccan were playing in there own yard and MI’s away game
But after looking at the crowd It felt that MI is playing at home.
there were around 55,000 people waiting, cheering for GOD to deliver goods this time as well.
MI started well, sachin flick shot by moving across the stump to RP singh was worth watching
Well It was again a superlative innings from a little master.
He has achieved so much in cricket, but still I wonder how the hell he carries the same enthuism everytime he goes to bat.I think its the passion about the game, Its the respect about the game. Desire to be at the top, Hunger to be successful.

After all his achivements he still stays humble down to earth person. Youngstars will always cherish this moment to learn more from him. He is the biggest superstar, Superhuman on the earth.

Sachin tendulkar  u little beauty. Keep going and keep roaring.

GOD wanted to play cricket, so sachin was born.

March 29, 2010 at 2:50 am 1 comment

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